This unique and secluded property is located in Ranchita, California.  Right beside the Anza-Borrego State Park.  Driving towards the area, it is very much a desert but the property itself is rather green with various shrubs in comparison to its surroundings.  Observing this we figured we’d have stubborn pests.  Our assumptions was more of the furry kind.  But it turned out our first challenge would be dealing with people.  How to keep people off the property, especially those carrying rifles.  Yes, we had hunters hike through the property fully packed with rifles.  Not sure where they came from or where was their final destination.  But this was quite worrisome.  Spoke with the county warden and the best advice is fence the entire property………all 80 acres.  And post no hunting, no trespassing signs throughout.  I guess we’ll start with that.  Little by little

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