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Along with uncovering the two and four legged visitors, we need to be knowledgeable of the land.  From the soil to the climate.  The climate has been a bit difficult to nail down because the area doesn’t have its know weather station.  Most of the historically data is taken from near by Warner Springs which adds some error and uncertainty.  For choosing the trees and plants we hope to grow the USDA hardiness map was a popular choice to start.  But its limited in there is more to be concerned about than the minimum temperature of the region.  Then we were introduced to the sunset climate zone map.  So then began the multiple research of a map detailed enough to show the boundaries between climate zones.  At first glance we felt it was definitely a zone 11 medium to high desert.

Inland San Diego Climate Map

But after after further discussion and observation we agreed it can be a 7 though it just isn’t as cold as Julian and is also warmer.  Very possible that the property is on the transition between the two climates.   You can kind of see the desertification approaching from the Anza Borrego side on the East, and then on the west is acres and acres of trees.

Ranchita Map


We will order some detailed maps to serve as the base for designing the orchard.  Since we intend to test some trees and plants that are on the fence when it comes to cold and heat tolerance.  Nurse/Mother, wind break trees will provide the buffer needed to make it possible.  Just have to put them in the right place.  Wish us luck!


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