What is the best way to start an orchard? I thought I knew enough after some decent research and personal experience. But I'm gradually learning that the orchard it's self must fit into our schedule, funding, and variable situations that constantly arise.

I described early about the tricky task of figuring out the climate because of the special surrounding terrain and location of the property. I intend to see this as an opportunity to increase the diversity of plants and trees we intend to grow. But thus increase the risk......you know balance of risk versus reward. So as we tackle that aspect, we are also faced with financing challenges. It takes money to make money. Start up money is huge upfront cost. For us, developing the land to include water, electricity, and trees 😞. Cost pile up very quickly. So our original (fantasy) plan has been quickly replaced.
What can we reasonably accomplish with the money and time we currently have? We originally wanted to plant 1-2 year old trees on about 60 acres this year. 🤣........😑 that's not happening. But what we can do is purchase seeds. This will move our planned operation date back but there is a silver lining. Propagating trees from seeds has it's risks but it opens up the opportunity to increased variety. I'm excited to see the differences in various cultivars.

The picture below of two pecans seeds just amazes me. One I ordered from Vermont, the other from Israel. This is the same for hazelnuts. I have truly been enjoying the observing the seeds. And the reward of seeing seedling emerge from the dirt!! So exciting. We had our first oak pop out expecting the rest to.......hopefully. Necessity is the mother of invention, the balancing continues 😁

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val bowman · August 3, 2018 at 8:02 pm

By the way, around 2012? I propagated 12 pecan seeds that came from the Warner Springs golf course. I planted two and gave some to other locals. They are still growing happy and healthy. Just saying, pecans do great.

    koshun · August 9, 2018 at 6:25 am

    They are great! We have a few growing now. They are dong better than the other seeds I've germinated. It is amazing and fun to watch things grow. Are yours producing nuts? Because of the long lead time we most likely will purchase young trees in conjunction with planting seedlings. Thank you for sharing!

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