So where are all the underground dwellings at?  I mean why aren’t there more of them in the warm dry climates?  Especially the fire prone areas.  We have been going back and forth about lodging/camping ideas for the orchard.  We almost settled on cabins but when you stand on the property and look around you truly appreciate…….the emptyness.  Not even sure if that a word but you know what I mean.  The absence of too many human structures.  From the property you can maybe spot two house while turning 360 degrees.  We believes this adds to a immense peacefulness felt when here and we would like to hold on to that for as long as possible.  So we were looking at unique living structure and came upon caves houses.  I’ll be honest, Mike has always wanted to live in a cave, I wasn’t as sold.  I keep thinking about Medieval times dungeons, cold, damp, an dark.  But after looking at some shows and pictures, times have changed.  The structural and architectural design innovations are amazing.  I’m in!  Now we have to face the permit process but I know it will be worth every aggravating moment and I’m sure there will be many.  Any student architects, would love to hear your ideas.

google map view image.


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