So we have went ahead and pre-launched in Indiegogo.  This took some research because there are quite a few crowdfunding sites out there.  I just really liked the feel of the site and it has a lot of flexible options.  Big one is if you don’t reach your goal you still keep the money you raise.  There are other perks too that makes it  a good platform to help you succeed as much as possible. I browsed through a few projects to try to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.  I honestly got nothing besides you have to be a marketing beast.  Something I am not.  But I am a problem solver which takes a little time.  This pre-launch gives me a little room to throw my project out there early and see what sticks and what doesn’t.  I think I’ve edited the page more than five times to get the right picture and right words.  But it turns out that is barely half the struggle, you got to get the right people.  What type of people is willing to one read what you got to say thus giving you their time and second be willing to offer some money.  Almost makes me want to turn in my towel.  But there is a way to get your foot in the door.  That is through friends and family.  I fortunately am a good friend (hope my friends agree) so I think I have good potential in that aspect.  No so much on the family part.  So your friends become your greatest tool by forwarding your link around and giving you feedback.  I am so thankful for my friends and the few family members that put up with me.  So here is a lesson, keep your contacts; all of them.  Even those that you think there is no way in hell you’ll want to reach back.  I was picky with who I kept in touch with and so its a huge disadvantage for me now. Grow your contacts as much as possible because you never know it might pay you back, exponentially


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