So we still have a few main pages to complete in order to actually finish this website.  The community page is very important but we are struggling on the best way to communicate the problem we are trying to solve.  The problem it’s self is not hard to describe.  Most of us know there are a lot of public schools out there that need help.  The challenge is presenting a picture that most people can agree on, not find offensive, and cause an instinct to care.  So let’s start with a statement I think we can agree on.  Our education system is leaving most children behind.  In an age when information moves and changes fast the disparity between those that can receive effective education and those that cannot is immense.  12 years is  along time to be lagging behind, see it as compound interest.  All the missed stages of creativity, curiosity, and absorption.  How are they to compete with their peers both national and international in college ,in the workforce?  The answer is they can’t.  And the economic inequality widens.

As a society we need diverse backgrounds to come together to help solve our problems of the future.  We discussed and posted about the article called “Lost Einsteins” on Facebook.  It basically sums up the urgency as a society to promote STEM exposure of children in disadvantaged communities.  Again, the diversity of ideas and insight.  Children raised in disadvantaged urban or rural areas lack opportunity and exposure.   The vast professional fields to ignite the spark from within and provide the catalyst for economic progress for themselves and their community.  We have missed out on millions of inventors.  Can you imagine how much lost economic growth, technological advancements, improved standard of living.

We would like our school funding focus to be on STEAM and Special Education.  We’ll discuss why in another post.  But let me leave you with a quote…… quotes.

Education breeds confidence.  Confidence breeds hope.  Hope breeds peace. – Confucius




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