Hello friends :D,

So I think some of you that have been following from the beginning are trying to wrap you head around the project.  We started with the orchard and fish.  Those definitely go together because the waste that is produced from fish farming is nutrient rich watering for trees.  The trees also produce crop as well as climate stabilizer.  We realized that quite a bit of processing must be done in order to maximize profits for the project.  We can not compete with some these 1000 acres farms and orchards.  When I say process I mean turn into a final retail product.  We have two locations.  Our nursery location in Ramona is warm and dry, very dry.  This is where we start the seeds and trees.  Also a great place to grow warmer climate shrubs and trees.  Currently nursing Argan, Carob, and Mango.  Researching yams, yes  yams.

Honey Mesquite.....Time to make some honey

Ranchita climate is a bit cooler and wetter.  Still dry but way better than Ramona.  This is where most of the magic will happen.  Hazel nuts, Pecans, Bitter Almond, Pomegranate, Apples, Pears and researching coffee.  Along with these main trees we have trees that are primarily for fence and windbreak but they also produce unique and tasty fruit.  This includes Sea Buckthorn, Cherry Plum and Autumn Olive.  Currently already growing on the property is Sugar Sumac and Honey Mesquite.  I'm sure there are others that we just have found yet.  So with all these options we saw an opportunity to create craft beverages.  Even though most of the hype is on the alcoholic side, we fully intend to test nonalcoholic.  This is going to be the ultimate outdoor leisure destination.  I want visitors to the state park to stop by before their adventure, grab a nonalcoholic (stay safe) organic refreshing beverage.  At the end of their adventure they come back chat with us about it and we can toast to their accomplishment together.  Its going to be beautiful.  We have alot of work ahead of us but we can see it.  Let me know what you think



val bowman · August 3, 2018 at 7:47 pm

Wow, sounds very cool. I've lived in Ranchita since 1995, not much has changed out here so I admire your ambitious goals. Your endeavor is right up my alley. Are you hiring or need any help? I'd love to see your vision become reality.


    koshun · August 9, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Hi Val,

    Thank you for the comment, I do appreciate it. It is ambitious and it will take time. We will definitely need help. I planned on launching a crowdfunding campaign but realized I needed more following on social media to reach our goals. And now the market is front and center until we get a good rhythm. But once that happens I will refocus in the critical paths for the property. Permitting and Water.

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