Hi friends,

I know it's been awhile but a lot has changed. Have you noticed the additional page 😁?  We have a market!!! Pretty big deal especially since now we're actually considered a real deal business. I guess performing monetary transactions is needed to be taken seriously. So the story is that we found out this cute little market on a main road towards Borrego Springs was about to close. This hit us as a surprise because it's literally the only market in town. Yeah a town if say..........300 people but still. So first we're like damn, sucks to be them. They got to drive almost 20 minutes up hill to the next town for anything. Then it also hit us that this location being closed or deserted will have a rippling impact on everything including our project. A town market is vital to the standard of living of its community. So Mike really took the reigns on this. I asked him multiple times if he's sure and can handle this responsibility. He said yes. Now the store wasn't in great shape, basically running on fumes. Needed a serious cleanup and investment in inventory. Man, it was a lot of work. It still is a lot of work because of permitting and licensing.

Let me tell you about how some of these license departments work. They take your money and then not tell you anything. First you're thinking, since they took my money I must be good.  But then you don't hear anything and you start to freak out that you just got conned.  Not a scam, just how California licensing works.  They'll take your money and get back to you say......... some soul crushing duration of time later.  While you wait anxiously hope that big payment you made is not a complete loss because of course no refunds.

Meeting the community has been the bright spot in all this. I just enjoyed chatting with the locals.  I look forward to meeting and knowing everyone.  That's the perks of a small community, its manageable enough to where you can really create your footprint.  We hope to have  a positive impact on the community even outside of the food sale part.  But food is the first step, it brings people together.

"Whatever you want to do, if you want to be be great at it, you have to love it, and be able to make sacrifices for it" - Maya Angelou

We are here Ranchita, and we see you.....


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