Hi Friends!

Orchard still takes a back seat. Hope you are doing well.  We here at O'Shun's are still feeling things out.  I haven't done much with the orchard besides looking sadly at my maple seeds in the fridge that has germinated and grown leaves.  Its fascinating and exciting but we simple don't have the time or space at this moment.  The market has used up all our expendable funds. Until it starts turning a profit there isn't an ability to properly plant and care for for nursery trees.  I had intentions of applying for USDA grant for hoophouse because the other issue is space.  We have land, just not protected land.  The rabbits and hares are ruthless; everything must be caged or placed on high tables.  Right now our table space is taken up by agave, almond, pecan, and carob.  We need to grow way more but that will have to happen in increments.  We are currently in talks with Kenyan coffee seed exporter and expecting their quotes.  Most tasks pertaining to the Market will be a priority because it can cause the most damage if not dealt with.  We have current liabilities such as licenses, rents, insurance, contractor pay, taxes etc that require constant input so.......yeah.  The plight of a small business owner is real but you have your freedom.  Mike is working really hard and surprisingly he likes it.  He enjoys finding things that sell well and meeting the locals and visitors. He has a story to tell everyday.  Now the orchard is my baby but I understand that the making the market successful is a big win for the orchard because that is where the investment will go.

Desert season is coming up. This is suppose to be when having the market open becomes extremely profitable.  When the temperature cools down the outdoor desert leisure ramps up.  Anza Borrego is very gorgeous and mystifying.  The Culp Valley Primitive Campground is located no more than 7 minutes away.  Soon we will start seeing the RVs, bikers, cyclists, hikers.  We are planning for a grand opening the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  There are handmade wooden chairs and benchs in front of the market. Next we would like to add some form of entertainment and food.  Entertainment is easy. Providing food is the difficult part.

I would like to provide something different than what is offered at Borrego Springs.  A visiting food truck would be the easiest but getting one up there is becoming quite the challenge.  Borrego Springs already offers Italian, American, and Mexican food.  I would like to go Korean, Island, fusion, or at least just different.  Our intent is not competition, we want to elevate Ranchita.  Creating a space for people to relax, eat, and take in the views is always a great way to start. Hope we see you this desert season.


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