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Thought I should add add something on here about the orchard.  I think most who have signed on to get the newsletters are interested in the orchard part of this project.  All parts of this project need each other but I must admit the sales portion is the least favorable to me.  I prefer to talk about how things fit together, grow, and support each other.  When it becomes focused on transaction, exchanging money……kind of loses it flair to me.  Mike is way more into that.  He excels at it actually but he’s biggest fault is government understanding.  If you are in a business (legal) you must record and track payment records.  Lets not forget taxes, permits, and fees.  He would not and probably could not do it properly because it is frustrating to him.  I however do have patience with illogical amounts of paper work. So we balance each other.

But I absolutely love reading about plants and the different ways they germinate and preferred climates.  Its the nerd in me, love love science and learning something new.  Currently most of the nursery trees we have are doing great.  I lost one bitter almond.  It looked like it might survive because it grew another shoot on the side.  But then I over watered it one day and that was it.  My decision hasn’t been settled yet on whether I would still like to grow the bitter almond so its demise didn’t hurt too much.  I was all for it at first because it has a very strong scent but then the poisonous part is just difficult to accept.  I will certainly do some research on how bitter almonds are handled in Europe where its popular.

The agave were massacred by rabbits a couple of weeks ago.  I completely freaked out and moved them onto tables, benches, even a wheelbarrow.  I knew to protect typical plants such as the baby pecans, argan, carobs.  But cacti?  Come on! It was a sad day.  These rabbits were so terrible that one poor agave looked like after they finished eating out the insides, they pooped into it. Yes! These evil rabbits did that.  Most of the agave are doing much better. I just noticed one even had a baby to the side.  Made me smile and gave me hope that more will recover.  So the trees are coming along, just need a whole lot more of them.

The land is a completely different issue.  It still needs a well and some clean up.  We will get to it when the market is chugging along nicely.  The clean up part is easier to tackle because that really is just time.  The well is funding, over 30k funding.  The plan is to start raising funds through beverage making.  When will that start?  Great question.


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