With only a few weeks left of our campaign I figured its time to do an overview :D. Well it definitely not how I hoped for but a lot worse than I expected too. But we needed to do it. I’m not a salesperson and Mike requires something more tangible to be effective. We are trying to sell a vision, that’s difficult when you don’t have much to offer as a sign. We get that……..and are ok with it. Its not enough to be able to convince few of your generous and attentive friends to back you. Its all marketing and we have a lot to work on. But I am happy about the dive, it made us uncomfortable. In a way that forced us to decide what we really wanted, what’s important and what’s not. Everyone needs a good humbling once in a while. And the bright side is we are still improving on the market, little gains. And did I mention the honey bees?

We already knew of the importance of bees in orchards. We saw a Netflix documentary about it :D. Leasing bee services is actually more lucrative than honey making. Well for us the light came on from the market. Visitors love raw local honey. Our supply is out of Temecula but we think it would add more value to the market to make our own honey. And I happen to know someone that already has experience with beekeeping. It just fits. The strong winds on the property is a concern but there are already bees there so its possible. And the property already have trees that bloom. Second phase to honey making will be mead. Yessssss…….so excited!

So in all, I’m happy we jumped into the fundraiser. The platform Indiegogo didn’t work well for us. Definitely more of a new tech hub. So we moved our contribution perks to our website. Instead of having a set time frame to raise funds we have a donation section and can work on our own pace as we develop our marketing and tailor certain products. Plan to start honey bee project this spring and yam brewing by March. Trees and land development is hard to predict because that requires large investment. So until we receive grant funding or fundraising picks up, that will need to be tabled for now.

Thanks for reading, take care


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