This was a very dynamic approach on the best way to have visitors stay while minimizing the visual impact to the secluded views.  Yes caves!!  This requires extensive engineering and permitting but it will be so worth it for the uniqueness and experience it will bring to our visitors.  Before I forget: location, location, location.  The orchard is adjacent to an entrance into Anzo-Borrego State Park.  Easy access for a quick (or long) adventure through the country’s 2nd largest state park.  We want the expansive views to be undisturbed as much as possible.  Google maps 3D image illustrates the property and its surrounding topography.  The red crayon line is the area we think would be perfect for a few caves.

Exactly how many and overall makeup will not be known until architectural and structural drawings are designed and approved by the county.   But I can say that we intend it to be modern and minimalist.  Not something that looks like we just evicted a bear.  Pictures below give a general idea of what we are leaning towards





TBD……..check back soon