Fish ponds will serve as a water reservoir for irrigating the trees.  In many aquaculture operations the fish are in ponds or holding container in high density.  This requires high input as far as monitoring, cleaning, and feeding.  This is not what we want.  This tight packing is done to increase profit margin per area.  We are willing to lose that profit margin in order to farm sustainably.  Following the design used by nature, most of the input we intend to provide is minimizing predators  and fish feed that will be grown and processed on the orchard as needed.  We intend to become a viable supplier of fresh fish to the local area.  Most of the fish consumed in the US is from overseas with unknown growing conditions or quality control.

We plan to farm high value fish and shellfish that can withstand the Ranchita climate.  Still working on design and interface with the orchard irrigation.  But these are on our short list:

  • Whitefish
  • Sturgeon
  • Prawns
  • Crab

Any progress is fully dependent on CDFW approval and design restrictions.  Wish us luck!