About O’Shun’s Orchard

Creating the ultimate experience in outdoors leisure. We are at the very start of our project and endeavor.  The goal of creating a seamless integration of agriculture, aquaculture, and ultimate nature destination while also giving back to the community.  We envision an outdoor paradise where visitors can stay and enjoy the views, taste orchard-to-glass beverages, and relish in the fresh fish.  Here you can definitely have your cake and eat it too. We want visitors to take deep breaths, open their senses, and just be spoiled by what nature has to offer.

Giving back to the community is one of the sparks that lit this flame of innovation and drive. We want this business to create well paying jobs, make it the place to be, even if you’re on the clock. And be an additional source of funding to support effective community development. This is an investment in our local area’s future.  There is a lot of parts to this project but all are are needed in order to create the perfect balance for the local environment and community. We hope you can participate in making this immense goal a reality.

Enjoying the outdoors, one day we will meet, tasting the farmed fish, toasting to the bounty and just soaking in the views.  My goodness that sounds amazing!  Thank you and hope to see you soon. Don’t leave with out shopping or maybe stop at our store

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