120 Acres Raw California Chaparrel

Started out as a very ambitous agri-tourism project but as we have observed the land and area. Our plans have changed. Instead of creating a fruit orchard thus drastically impacting the fragile ecosystem, we will assist in recovery. We will plant native shrubs and assist in reversing harmful changes. Then finding a balance to offer leisure stays to those that would love to enjoy these breathtaking views. Check it out

5 Acres High Desert Commercial

The only commercial lot in the high desert town of Ranchita CA. Contains multiple buildings to include a soon to be built convenience market and beer garden. This lot has not been improved or maintained for many decades. We are working tirelessly to turn it into a hub for the local community and visitors. Temporary facility in operation to support the community and upcoming Pacific Crest Trail season. We are envsioning a place that can host events for leisure, sports, and education. Possibilty of renewable energy generation as well. More to Follow.

5 Acres Agricultural

Where we first got started, avocados, citrus, and plant nursery. We sell our produce thorough our store and love partnering with other local farmers to offer fresh produce to customers. Be on the look out for great deals and sometimes very unique offerings. Follow our store page on Facebook or Instagram