120 Acres Raw California Chaparral

Embarking on an ambitious eco-tourism venture, our vision transformed as we immersed ourselves in the  landscapes. Recognizing the delicate beauty and fragility of the ecosystem, we pivoted from our original plan of establishing a fruit orchard. Now, our mission is to champion nature's resilience: we're dedicated to preserving and planting native shrubs along with our apiary. But the dream of sharing this haven remains. Once the land begins its rejuvenation journey, we'll offer serene leisure stays. Come, witness, and be part of a space where nature thrives, and souls rejuvenate amidst breathtaking views. Check it out

5 Acres High Desert Commerical and Agriculture

Montezuma Valley MarketMontezuma Valley Market

A forgotten gem in the heart of Ranchita's high desert, the only commercial lot that's stood the test of time, awaiting its renaissance. Nestled amidst this untamed landscape, we're crafting a vibrant oasis with a blend of tradition and modernity, featuring diverse buildings including the convenience market and a charismatic beer garden. After decades of dormancy, we're infusing life, purpose, and passion into this historic locale, with the vision of it becoming the heartbeat of the community and a beacon for travelers, especially with the Pacific Crest Trail season approaching. As we roll out our temporary facilities to serve our dedicated community, our focus is on a multifaceted hub teeming with leisurely events and educational forums.  Tucked toward the back is a olive grove accompanied by a few hives. We're also exploring the frontier of sustainable energy solutions for our space. Stay tuned - the transformation of Ranchita's crown jewel has only just begun.

5 Acres Agricultural

O'Shun's OrchardO'Shun's OrchardO'Shun's Orchard

Rooted in rich traditions, our journey began with the luscious avocados, tangy citrus, a budding plant nursery and apiary. Through our store, we don't just offer our own harvest, but also the offerings of other local farmers who share our passion for fresh, farm-to-table goodness. Each visit promises a vibrant palette of freshness and, often, a delightful surprise. Keep your eyes peeled for unbeatable deals and unique produce treasures that await. Join us in celebrating the true flavors of our land! Follow our store page on Facebook or Instagram