SAVAGE BEE-CHES® Pure, unfiltered honey harvested directly from nature’s wildest landscapes. Experience the bold, authentic sweetness only Mother Nature can provide.”
From the heart of San Diego’s high desert emerges a raw honey like no other. Our journey with SAVAGE BEE-CHES® began as a labor of love and respect for the great outdoors. In our mission to rejuvenate 80 acres of this pristine terrain, we envisioned a balanced ecosystem, teeming with native fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. The bees, our unsung heroes, became the linchpin of this transformation. Their relentless spirit and resilience over challenging months inspired their bold name, a testament to our deep admiration for these incredible creatures. With every jar of SAVAGE BEE-CHES® honey, you’re not just tasting honey; you’re indulging in a luxurious gift handcrafted by nature itself. Utterly local, purely natural, and untouched by processing — a sweet symphony from San Diego’s wild heart.
San Diego local honey
SAVAGE BEE-CHES® raw honey is currently sold at our new location in Old Town San Diego, Montezuma Valley Market, Dudley’s Bakery, and Bate’s Nut Farm.
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