Thank you foryour interest in taking this survey. Curbing the digital divide that has been plaguing the rural community has been an important mission for us. We have been steadily working with community members and local officials to find a solution to provide reliable internet to our underserved community. Lack of internet is a major hindrance to community economic development and progress. COVID has made this so glaringly clear, having the greatest impact on school age kids. We hope this is the beginning of a new standard for getting the backcountry connected.

Your information will be used to gauge population density sign up and possibly acquire a community account with Starlink. Only fill this form out if you are interested in receiving internet service from Starlink when it becomes available early next year. Our intent is to make sure everyone regardless of household income will have access to reliable and fast internet. You will be contacted if a solution is reached.

Where internet service will be used
Example: Antenna and modem