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As a country we have to do better. O'Shun's Orchard is committed to doing what we can to help end social injustice and systematic racism. Everybody deserves dignity and the right to live. Actions speak louder than words, we will do our part.

COVID19 Market Hours

Dear community and visitors,
Montezuma Valley Market will be open every Saturday and Sunday. We will update our weekday schedule weekly. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can message us so we can try our best to accommodate. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Community Development Corporation

We have our board members!! Super excited to move into the next phase of this process. Working on bylaws and soon state federal registration. If you have any questions or input for the board to consider, message us.

Outdoors Destination project was started to develop and build the ultimate experience. Develop 80 acres of raw land into: a fruit and nut orchard; unique cave lodging to provide tranquil and seamless interaction with the rolling hills and mountains; Terrain specific ponds and streams for organic freshwater aquaculture. Read more 

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outdoors destination

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outdoors destination


outdoors destination

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Yeti Not Impressed

Yeti just became woke AF and he’s not impressed. Daring stare, glaring blue eyes, and bold Ranchita CA caption. 100% preshrunk heavy cotton tee

High Chair

Outdoor furniture you can brag about.  These chairs will reveal your inner righteousness 👑

Yeti the Dark Side

The Yeti is up to something.  Whatever it is you have to appreciate the drip, looks good on him.  100% Ringspun cotton nano T

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Kemi and Mike

Kemi and Mike


Project Manager, store owner, and veteran. Feel free to message us any comments, suggestions, or share our page. Or even better, visit the market! Thank you for giving us your time : ).

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Busy Bees

Hi Friends!! Beekeeping experience so far: I have gotten stung on my face, wrist, finger, shins, and knee. Mike and I had to move one hive only about 20 feet to an area a little Read more…

End of the Season

Hi Friends! How are you doing? Hope this post finds you well. Not sure where we left of last but I think it was the superbloom. Oh yeah the whole porta potty situation. Well that Read more…

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