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Montezuma Valley Market Burned Down

We are heart broken over the loss of our store. After almost three years of hard work and dedication to create an icon and pride of the community, we've lost it all in a fire. But there is still hope. The community is fighting hard to help raise funds to rebuild the only store in town. If you would like to help, please donate and share. Thank you.

Digital Divide

Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in the demand survey. We have passed the baton to the county for funding purposes and connecting them to continue the process with Starlink. We are hoping for positive results and will provide update as we receive them. We will now start planning for our next issue in the rural area. Affordable, reliable electricity. Stay tuned!

Clover Blog; Meet the Merchant

Great interview with Clover. How we got started and how we plan to move forward. Discussing how we're bouncing back from the fire. Running a business is not easy and then being hit with huge loss might seem like the end.


As a country we have to do better. O'Shun's Orchard is committed to doing what we can to help end social injustice and systematic racism. Everybody deserves dignity and the right to live. Actions speak louder than words, we will do our part.

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As requested from many of you at our honey station in Julian! To help us raise funds to rebuild the town’s store we are offering various local raw honey products.  All from local farms. This is for a limited time only.  Thank you for your support!!

**When first deciding please have the size and flavor set to “choose an option” so …

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Beekeeper, Engineer and Project Manager. Passion for equality, balance, and logic. Loves a good laugh and kind souls.


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MBA from the School of Hard Knocks. Sharp but makes you feel like you're family. Loves food and spicy gossip.

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