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Community Development Corporation

Reaching out to the community and elected official to align needs with policy. Working on documents and articles, board member selection. Will keep you posted.

Black Winter Truffles

We are sorry for anyone actively waiting for these. The weather hasn't worked in our favor. We are now looking at summer truffles for possible replacement.


Partnering with Kawal Wellness to bring one-on-one discussion concerning personal health/development and what the community needs to do to support the individual. We are tentatively scheduled for 12th March please follow our Facebook or Instagram Market page for update and call for reservations.

Caves, Trees, and Fish to create exquisite beverages, ecotourism, and increase food security in San Diego North Mountain region.
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Kemi and Mike

Kemi and Mike


Project Manager, store owner, and veteran. Feel free to message us any comments, suggestions, or share our page. Or even better, visit the market! Thank you for giving us your time : ).

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Busy Bees

Hi Friends!! Beekeeping experience so far: I have gotten stung on my face, wrist, finger, shins, and knee. Mike and I had to move one hive only about 20 feet to an area a little Read more…

End of the Season

Hi Friends! How are you doing? Hope this post finds you well. Not sure where we left of last but I think it was the superbloom. Oh yeah the whole porta potty situation. Well that Read more…

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