Welcome to the PCT Class of 2024!

PCT 2023 class

Your Ultimate Resupply Stop Awaits at Ranchita BODEGA

Greetings to all the adventurous souls of the PCT Class of 2024! At Ranchita BODEGA, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet and support as many of you as possible on your remarkable journey.

Your One-Stop Resupply Destination Understanding the essentials for your trail experience, we’ve stocked our shelves with a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet every hiker's needs. Whether it's high-energy snacks, specialized gear, or a variety of adventure meals catering to all dietary preferences, we've got you covered. And for those seeking a comfortable night's rest, our lodging facilities offer a cozy respite along your trail.

PCT 2023 hiker resupply

Have Questions? We're Here to Help! We’re just a text or message away for any inquiries or specific requests you might have. We are active on Instagram and Facebook but you can also text us at +1619 693 7536.  Might be easier for international hikers to reach us by whatsapp, +1619 693 7536

Planning Your Journey from San Diego If your Pacific Crest Trail adventure begins with a flight into San Diego, make sure to visit our sister shop, SAVAGE BEE-CHES® in Old Town. It’s more than just a honey boutique; it’s an outfitter equipped to provide you with essential outdoor gear and adventure meals to kickstart your journey. Plus, if there are specific items you need ready upon your arrival in San Diego, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in advance. Text +1 760-892-2650 for any questions or any assistance we can provide.


SAVAGE BEE-CHES® in Old Town is conveniently located three blocks from San Diego Flyer shuttle bus stop in Old Town Transit Center.  The San Diego Flyer is a free shuttle that picks up from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at San Diego Airport. Much closer option than driving or taking transportation to REI.  We will be open everyday for the PCT season.  SAVAGE BEE-CHES Old Town is the only small business outdoor gear shop remaining in San Diego, help keep our unique boutique thriving.

SAVAGE BEE-CHES close to Old Town Transit Center for Pacific Crest Trail HikersSAVAGE BEE-CHES much closer to San Diego and the airport compared to REISAVAGE BEE-CHES Old Town carries good selection of dehydrated foods and gear for hikers

Tailored Services for Your Hiking Needs At Ranchita BODEGA, we understand the unique needs of PCT hikers. From offering a diverse range of food choices that cater to various nutritional and dietary requirements to providing essential gear and a peaceful lodging option, we strive to make your resupply stop as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

PCT hiker in California Robe Company

Remember, as a veteran-owned business, we take pride in serving our hiking community with the utmost dedication and excellence. We can't wait to be a part of your PCT journey!

Location and Accessibility

Where We Are Ranchita BODEGA, once known as Montezuma Valley Market, is conveniently situated in Ranchita, just 4 miles from the 101-mile marker at Barrel Springs on Montezuma Valley Road. Set in the high desert of San Diego County, Ranchita is a small community of around 500 residents. Be prepared for diverse weather conditions, from snowy winters to hot summers.

Ranchita BODEGA

What We Offer

Foods and Snacks

  • Diverse Range: Our selection includes Good-To-Go, Poe & Co, Backpacker's Pantry, Alpen Fuel, Peak Refuel, an array of unique jerky varieties (including camel, python, and shark).
  • Ready-to-Eat Options: We stock fresh sandwiches, salads, fruits, and vegetables for those looking for healthier choices.
  • Treats and Essentials: Find packaged tuna, plant-based protein snacks, dried fruit, ice cream, canned soups, premium artisanal honey, lots of snacks.
  • Beer Garden: Enjoy local craft beers on-site or grab some to go.
  • Ranchita BODEGA PCT resupplyRanchita BODEGA resupplyPCT Hiker resupply

Mini Gear Shop

  • Top Brands: We carry Garmin, ULA, Black Diamond, Big Agnes, Sawyer, Darn Tough, GoGirl, Injinji, Kiva, Jetboil, and more.
Free Shuttle Service
  • Convenience: Available from the first week in March, our shuttle runs between Barrel Springs and the BODEGA.
  • Eco-Friendly Request: We offer this service for free but appreciate and encourage group requests to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Contact Details: Call/text via WhatsApp at 619-693-7536, especially when nearing Barrel Springs. Shuttle operates from 9 am to 4 pm (4:30 pm for those lodging with us).
Hours of Operation
  • Season Start: Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, with potential extended hours based on demand.
Package Resupply
  • Convenience: Accepting USPS (delivered only on Tuesdays), UPS, and FedEx packages.
  • Handling Fee: A $7 fee per package (waived for guests lodging with us or with a full resupply purchase of minimum $70).
  • San Diego Location- If you want to pick up before starting PCT


Your Name

2802 Juan Street Suite 19

San Diego, CA 92110

  • Ranchita Location- If you want to pick up at mm101 on PCT

ICO Ranchita Bodega

Your Name

37552 Montezuma Valley Road

Ranchita, CA 92066

Additional Services

  • Free Amenities: Enjoy complimentary WiFi and phone charging.
  • Showers: Available for $20.
  • Lodging Options: Choose from a bunkhouse ($60 per person) or private rooms ($85-$95), with showers included.
  • Laundry Services: Free bucket laundry, or use our washer/dryer for $15 ($10 if lodging).
  • Kitchen Area: Access to facilities for meal preparation for those lodging with us.

Address for Resupplies 37560 Montezuma Valley Road, Ranchita, CA 92066


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